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New Dentures and Denture Repairs in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Smile With Style

Our Denture Clinic and Dental Laboratory based in Rotherham in South Yorkshire offers you the full range of denture services.

Our aim at ComfiDenture is to provide a Comfortable New Dentures for all our patients, enabling them to recapture the confidence of the past in being able to smile, talk and laugh with the aid of healthy dentures.

With well-fitting New Dentures, patients generally have better nutrition and overall improvement in their health and well-being.

All our staff is highly trained and GDC registered. We offer Home Visits as well. If you have a broken denture, our well trained Dental Technician can fix it for your just for 25min with our express Denture Repairs Service.

We have a good reputation and high success rate in producing dentures in UK.

At ComfiDenture we offer a professional, personal, yet discreet service where we provide a treatment for dentures in our Clinic and Dental Laboratory or at your home.

From the initial denture consultation to the final fitting of your New Dentures, your comfort and convenience are our top priority.

If you have parents or relatives who are suffering with any disability but are in need of complete dentures, our trained team will be able to accommodate you and provide a quick and efficient service at the premises your relatives reside.

You don't have to go to Dentist to make Dentures anymore. You can go to Clinical dental technician directly. Pls note that Dental Technicians, who do not have the clinical dental qualification, are not allowed to make you Dentures Directly without Dentist. Its illegal and without adequate training it could be dangerous for you. For your own safety, pls check your dentures providers for qualification status.

Mr Colliers
«I can say I am very pleased with my new teeth. The fit is perfect. They are comfortable and most importantly I have my smile back.»
Mrs Beth Thomas
«The dentures made for me were perfect and have made a positive difference. I would certainly recommend ComfiDenture to anyone looking for denture work.»

All Types Of Denture Services Made Directly

Standard Denture
Standard Denture
Very good quality fit and function dentures with 1 year guarantee.
Premium Denture
Premium Denture
High quality dentures with more expensive teeth and natural gum simulation and more detailed aesthetic work. High impact acrylic. 5 years guarantee.
Metal Denture
Metal Denture
Metal Chrome Cobalt dentures with the choice of teeth. Good selection for people with their natural teeth in place. Individual design with precision work.

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