New Dentures in Rotherham

If your old dentures are ill-fitting and the occlusion is no longer balanced then we suggest you to make a new set of dentures. We offer a wide range of different types of dentures as a Standard Denture, Cosmetic Denture, Comfidenture Improved Occlusion teeth denture and Spherical Dentures. We can proudly say that can make you dentures directly as all Clinical Dental Technicians can. We also very experienced in Home Visits and can make you a New Set Of Dentures directly. New Denture services are all including aftercare services with any types of adjustments and Denture Ease. Our Dentures do not hurt. We are using a very precise method of teeth selection and all our dentures have Natural Looking Teeth. Eating is not a problem with ComfiDenture New Dentures and a lot of our patients were reported that they can eat nuts and bite an apple. We have an excellent reputation with our patients.

For full dentures we offer different types of teeth and additions, like a soft lining for the bottom denture. We can put your name inside the denture, in case you misplace it, dentures will find its owners.

Reconstruction of the smile from the photographs from the past is available. If you have any photo you can help our professionals to recreate the smile you would like to have. 

If you are wearing the same set of dentures for a long time and have got used to them, but the dentures have become weary, we can offer a denture duplication. Using different methods, we copy your existing dentures and deliver you very similar ones with a better fit and new enhanced teeth.

We give you the option to choose between 3 types of full dentures, the one that is best suited to your needs and your budget.

Comprehensive advice and support is given.


Is the basic NHS type denture with basic teeth and a basic fit and function characteristics. Cheaper materials are used for construction of this type. Nevertheless, it’s a good denture, made for you, without you leaving your home. But you still will have to pay for it as we cannot claim from NHS. You can place a claim yourself afterwards. This denture is just for utilizing your functional needs. One after-service visit is included in this option.


Is a golden medium range set, which includes more comprehensive after service and guarantee. Very good teeth and expensive materials are used. Different techniques are utilised for the construction of the appliances and more choices are available. This option offers you aesthetics to a very high degree of naturalism. The best teeth available on the market are used, and are arranged in such a manner as to maximise the natural appearence of the denture whilst taking your individual requirements into account.

Very precise instruments and state of the art equipment is used in the construction process.

Gum work and colour contouring is used to make this type of denture look natural.

3 after-service visits are included in this option.


Is ConfiDentures with the functional occlusion, method of which was designed by a NASA engineer. This is the best and most comfortable dentures available on the market surpassed only by implant overdentures. It’s the limousine type denture. It’s a new kind of denture that promises a lot to the wearers and delivers even more. The best available materials on the market are used and aesthetics are on the highest level. Maintenance and support of these dentures are available for 1 year. We visit you as many times as it’s necessary.

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