How to Clean Dentures

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Cleaning Dentures

Although dentists recommend changing dentures every 4 years, and sometimes after 3 years of use, they usually serve its owner for between 5 and 25 years.

How to keep dentures functionality and flawless appearance for long-term operation?

Terms of the denture storage are simple, but requires systematic implementation.

Fundamentals of care and storage of dentures

  • Care after a meal. Wash dentures in the running water after each meal. If there is no possibility to remove then washing is carried out directly in the mouth by a conventional rinse with water.
  • Daily cleaning. Dentures last longer if i'ts thoroughly cleaned daily with soapy water so the remnants of food and plaque, can be removed, by using a toothbrush with soft bristles. At the end of the procedure its better to rinse denture with running water.
  • Storage conditions. You can either store your dentures in the mouth through the day and night or take your dentures out at night if you wish. There is no rule to it.

    In the first month of your new dentures life it is recommended to soak it in boiling water. Always keep dentures moist when you not wearing it.

    If you do not wear dentures for long time it can spoiled and can not be restored.


  • When cleaning with adetergent that is not designed to take care of dentures, its components can damage the components or the entire denture (i.e bleach)
  • Do not ignore the denturist advice on the timing of denture relining. If this is not done on time, a gradual increase in load on the abutment teeth (as mucosa and bone atrophy under basis) will be lost and damagemay occur to the denture.

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