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ComfiDenture New Dentures

For full dentures we offer different types of teeth and additions, like a soft lining for the bottom denture. We can put your name inside the denture, in case you misplace it, dentures will find its owners. 

Reconstruction of the smile from the photographs from the past is available. If you have any photo you can help our professionals to recreate the smile you would like to have. 

If you are wearing the same set of dentures for a long time and have got used to them, but the dentures have become weary, we can offer a denture duplication. Using different methods, we copy your existing dentures and deliver you very similar ones with a better fit and new enhanced teeth. 

We give you the option to choose between 3 types of full dentures, the one that is best suited to your needs and your budget. 

Comprehensive advice and support is given. 


Home Visits in Rotherham and All South Yorkshire

Our Clinical Dental Technician has 7 years experience as a provider of Full Denture Service to the Care Home sector in the UK  and domiciliary service to  the Housebound patients who requiring dentures. We do all the dentures in our Dental Laboratory and can produce it in as little as 1 week.

All Denture Home Visit patients have an aftercare service where we visiting you for denture ease or check up after dentures were made.

We understand and empathise with the difficulties of accessing such a  service  when Housebound or in a Care Home.

Our mobile service means that patients can be provided with New Dentures in familiar and comfortable surroundings. 

The opportunity to smile, eat and laugh with confidence as a  result of professional Denture Care is vital to the healt and dignity of all people.

Please call to make free exam  appointment.




Denture Repair Rotherham and South Yorkshire

Our well trained Dental Technician can do  denture repair in 25 - 40 min . You can either wait in our comfortable waiting room, chatting and drinking  coffee or  you can leave your precious denture pieces with us and we will assemble it carefully the way how it was before the breakage. You can enjoy shopping in the center of the Rotherham , which is 3 min of walking distance from us as well while you are waiting for your Denture Repair.

If you do  Denture Repair with us and then decide  to go for a New Dentures, we will return you your £25 spent on repair. 

We are using the best repair acrylic in the market, which makes repair stronger then  conventional one.  

For our Denture Repair service you dont need to make an appointment but if you decide then please contact us here and see where are we situated .


Teeth Addition To The Denture

Please note that we charge £5-00 per tooth to be added to the denture plus £25-00 normal repair service.  If impression is needed, extra £10 is charged.

Same day service


Denture Cleaning

We are using high a speed cleaning mashine and special instruments, if needed, in order to clean some of the stubborn impurities from the debries of your dentures. Sometimes  the design of the Denture leads to the build-up of tartar around the tooth or unnoticed cracks started to accumulate unwelcome staff in  it. 

Our well trained Dental Technician can do it very efficently so your denture will be almost like new.

Pls book an appointment for this service.


Soft or Hard Reline

Dentures become loose  because the mouth shape change or shrink. Refitting, Relining or Rebasing is an economical method of restoring Retention, Stability and  Function to otherwise satisfactory Dentures.

Please  call us for more details and for your free consultation appointment.


Metal Dentures

In certain instances a Chrome Cobalt Metal Dentures are by far a  better choice then conventional  plastic acrylic denture.  They  are made by our Clnical Dental Technician and can be Full Dentures or Partial Metal Dentures

They are thinner, lighter, far more stronger, more stable in the mouth, secure your teeth in place by holding it with individually designed clasps and above all very durable.

It does not corrode in  the mouth, is tasteless and forms part of a long term treatment plan. 

Expected life span of a Chrome Cobalt can easyly be 15-20 years as opposing  to 5 years of normal acrylic dentures.



Gum Guards


You can bring your photo with the smile you had before and would like us to copy it in your New Dentures.

We will try to copy it as close as possible to  the photo you brought us. We have  very good results. Not all patients are  willing to share it, so  we can not demonstrate it here.  

We are choosing the size of teeth and its color and position very  carefully, using most  advance method of doing it. 

This  option is only available  in Cosmetic Set  of Teeth, but can be added to standard  one if you wish. Pls  call to  book your free consulataion appointment