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Interesting facts about teeth

In an effort to Hollywood standards, we risk becoming a dental cripples

All normal people are afraid to treat teeth. However, acute pain can raise even middle of the night and make a beeline for the nearest clinic duty. Statistics proves that the number of dental diseases in the world is steadily increasing. And despite the fact that in cities on every corner offering services modern clinics, pharmacies and shops - a huge range of toothpastes, mouth cleansing formulations patented toothbrushes, etc. But the teeth begin to deteriorate as early as childhood. Today most of the world's population - race dental cripples. Why does this happen? Is it possible to keep your teeth into old age, or are all doomed to wear Dentures?

Typically, the disease starts with a simple dental caries. Is it possible to protect yourself from it?

Problems arise not only from tooth decay, but due to periodontal disease or incorrect position of teeth in the jaw. Cause of tooth decay, scientists are looking for a long time, but a distinct theory of its origin is not. In my opinion, the main reason - a serious violation of mineral metabolism, which many had inherited. This process involves not only calcium, but also other trace elements - magnesium, sodium, potassium, making dental hard tissue more dense, able to resist the corrosive effects of acids produced in the process of digestion, and bacteria that live in the mouth.

How useful salts enter the teeth? - Now in vogue this concept: that when chewing food containing trace elements, is their direct introduction into the tooth. But for the most part they fall into all the organs by suction of food in the gut, then transported through the blood in the tooth, the dentine and enamel. And just inside the teeth lose their salts, until only the shell remains. Proof of this are the cases where appearance of healthy tooth when biting something hard falls off a piece. And it turns out that the tooth enamel with a completely whole in the whole rotten. But caries can occur on the surface.After each meal, not only in the gaps between the teeth, but also the so-called grooves (fissures) delayed food debris and plaque remains on the walls of the teeth. These food residues begin to decay, corrosive enzymes that destroy the enamel.

Brushing your teeth is necessary after every meal! This should be the rule number one.

So, at work and need to keep brush and floss? - Brush - necessarily, but about Floss - a special subject. No matter how you cautious, while advancing yarn injured interdental papilla, which leads to tragic consequences: inflammation of papillae, followed by atrophy, ie decreasing. Man loses teeth because papilla, do not let food into the lower layers of the gums, ceases to fulfill a protective function. Now there is a safe water Floss. Can be applied to plastic plates, they are not as traumatic as a thread. Average apple, eaten after a meal, not only to clean the teeth, but also to restore the color, because malic acid eliminates pigments. It remains only to rinse your mouth with water.

By the way, about the color. Teeth whitening? - It leads to the fact that from the outside of the tooth row even layer of enamel is worn out, there are so-called wedge-shaped defects, creating conditions for peeling gums. These defects are difficult to remove even with the help of modern materials. Either have to drill an artificial cavity and to seal the tooth, as caries, or cover it by laminating or install porcelain veneers. All of this is difficult, expensive, and the reason for such a serious problem - the desire to have a white smile. But the nature of the teeth are not perfectly white. So whether or not to interfere with nature, imitating the fashion of Hollywood standards?

How to choose the right toothpaste? - Many pastes contain herbs. And if you are allergic to grass, instead of strengthening the gingival margin can start the reverse process - drug gingivitis with swelling and bleeding gums. The safest - buy plain pasta with conventional menthol. Strengthens enamel grid fluoridated toothpaste, it delays the withdrawal of calcium from the teeth.

Untreated tooth decay - the source of infection for the whole organism? - Man in general is not too friendly with the microcosm. The oral cavity contains 15 species of bacteria, and some of them have pathogenic properties. Bacteria enter the body through the mucous membrane, through the gingival pocket and comes directly from the bloodstream. For a long time it was thought that the blood is sterile, but more thorough research has shown that a lot of things out of it is planted. Bacteria make their way through the gastrointestinal tract, through the tonsils that are infected to such an extent that a drop of pus, taken out of the gap, can easily kill the population of a district meningococcus, where available. In place of caries is also planning an infected mass. So that any disease can not be run.

What food is considered to be harmful to the teeth or useful? - Food should be varied, with a preference for food produced in the area where a person goes genetic roots. Foreign products, citrus, for example, many have protest diseases, various allergies - from asthma to skin dermatitis. It has become fashionable to have a perverse type of food - eating raw fish in the form of sushi. No one knows how it will affect the health of residents srednepolosnoy Russia always consumed fish in the heat-treated and pickled. Should be carried out follow-up studies to ensure the safety of the food. This problem is not people, and institutions - food, food, obliged to deal with such issues. In fact, man, like any living creature, endowed by nature with the instinct of self-preservation. You need to carefully listen to your body, which will tell you that it is now required. Can sauerkraut, or fruit, or a piece of meat. But we are losing this instinct and choose food without internal sense, and eyes - what you see is what I want. This leads to the disruption of homeostasis (self-regulation).

Are your teeth rot from the sweet, such as candy? - Candy that you can chew and drink water, do not bring harm. But lozenges containing a lot of coloring matter, adversely affect the mucous membranes of the mouth, intestines, and on the teeth. In the process of sucking candy also produce acid that can dissolve the enamel.

What is the cause of periodontitis and periodontal disease? By the way, not everyone knows that it is - different diseases. - The cause of periodontal disease - in violation of mineral metabolism. If you can build it, the disease ceases to flow, restores enamel, tooth roots, etc. And here is the complete periodontitis it does not go, because it is - a genetic autoimmune disease is inherited. Periodontal disease can develop slowly, while in the exposed gap between the gum and tooth embedded bacteria, becomes inflamed. Will need to be registered to a periodontist, who will periodically eliminate microbial outbreak by washing gums antiseptics, cleaning out the pus special hooks. This hygiene will help delay the loss of teeth. But it happens and swift-flowing process, when it is already 18 years a person has exposed the periodontal space. A weakened immune system is not able to stop the process, and by the age of 25 teeth are lost completely. Treatment of periodontitis by sticking special films inconclusive. As a result, you still have to resort to prosthetics.

And how to restore the mineral metabolism? - As support it in the body of the adrenal glands and the pancreas, it is necessary to consult a doctor, endocrinologist, who will control hormonal levels. Now in the process of scientific research is a method of restoring the mineral balance at the molecular level. Each of minerals has its receptor often these receptors are violated, but they can be recovered. The implementation of this method in practice will help to solve problems, not only with the teeth, but also to the recovery of the body as a whole.

Why is it so prevalent caries in primary teeth? - Because the child is born with genetic disorders of mineral metabolism. The child is breastfed, such violations are much smaller. But now more and more women under the influence of advertising prefer to bottle-feeding. They do not realize that enclose themselves under a explosive device, risking the health of the child.

From the history

Toothpaste was invented by the Egyptians about five thousand years ago and was a mixture of wine and pumice. Since the days of the Roman Empire and to the XVIII century with one of the components of the toothpaste was urine, as contained therein ammonia cleaning properties. * Catherine the Great daily brushing with dry grass and thyme bleached them pounded charcoal.

Even in ancient times people have successfully performed prosthetics

Around 500 BC Etruscans were able to make dental crowns and bridges. In ancient Egyptian tombs, archaeologists found wooden dentures, which is more than 4500 years. In one of the museums of Peru Inca kept skull with 32 teeth, implants made of quartz and amethyst - a complex operation conducted in the 800 years of the AD. Fragment of the lower jaw of another Inca was found in Honduras: in place of three dental implants are installed from the shells of marine mussels. Finding dates back to the VI century BC And in France, scientists struck skull of a woman who lived in the I century BC, with the metal implant in the upper jaw. It seems that ancient civilizations possessed secret knowledge, later lost, allowing them to make a fantastic operation. Up until the XVII century dental treatment is reduced mainly to remove them. It was only at the turn of XVIII century in Europe was born dentistry as a separate medical specialty.

The secret of Tibetan monks

The inhabitants of mountain regions of Tibet has long enjoyed a salt paste own making. Half a cup of coarse salt with cold boiled water, stir for a minute and remove foam. Scooping up salt from the bottom of the brush, brush your teeth after a meal in the morning and evening, and brine, rinse the mouth. Aborigines believe that the salt paste kills bacteria and strengthens the enamel.

"Hollywood smile" stars

Only the naive believe that the teeth of movie stars and show business on the nature of the perfect form and whiteness. In fact, it is - it is the skilled hands of dentists.

Rapper Kanye West has replaced the entire bottom row of teeth implants made of diamonds. "It is these actions and the public expects from rock stars" - boasts a musician.

Recently, among the stars fashionable to make artificial teeth with a small defect - "a natural". So MADONNA told her dentist to make her crack between his teeth, the same as was in her childhood.

Dental Innovations

In Japan successfully conducted experiments on growing new teeth in mice podsazhennyh of stem cells. British same scientists demonstrated that each tooth include stem cells that can give rise odontoblasts - cells that synthesize an essential component of the tooth - dentin. But researchers from the United States found in the tooth source of cells capable of producing enamel.

French scientists reported on the approximation of the next revolution in dentistry. It is about the development of nanoscale multilayer film comprising a substance capable to restore the dental pulp.

New technology dental ozone clinical trials in Northern Ireland. After injecting a dose of ozone - a known antiseptic - to the area of the tooth affected by caries, the disease will be immediately destroyed and the damaged area is overgrown healthy tooth tissue.

Happy gift

In the Mouth of shark teeth several rows of 30 pieces each. In return, dropped the first row of teeth extends the next, and so on to infinity.

Do elephants teeth are replaced six times. When the last indigenous wear, old elephants move into the marshlands, where the predominant soft vegetation.

New teeth crocodile grow on a dropped out very quickly, so toothless crocodile - a rare phenomenon.


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