Happy Owners of New Dentures. Looking After New Dentures

Dedicated to Happy dentures owners!

Holders of their first pair of dentures may consider themselves unfortunate enough to have to contemplate depression and even suicide . So we may assume that the mood of them we have already begun to rectify when they found out that they are not alone in this world.

My impression is that roughly a third of humanity wears dentures. They just do not all know about it. For any person their first Dentures are a big blow to the ego and self-esteem, especially for the beautiful half of humanity who somehow think that their men are now will not love them. Inform those who do not know: men love women more often than not for their teeth and for other places. Of course, the teeth may also play some role in the game of love (sweet or passionate biting), but also benefits for edentulous jaws make male security too obvious.

Okay, it's all voluntary and frivolous digression, but I wanted to talk about love. Now, note the unfortunate ladies, young girls are wearing denture plates even more often than you think! The fact is that if one tooth was lost (due to trauma or previous treatment), and the adjacent teeth are completely intact (no holes, even the old, not to mention the new ones), then to cut the neighboring teeth for a bridge is a crime. In such cases, it is far better to make one small cosmetic denture (so-called "bird" or "bug"), than to ruin the beauty of a young girl at a tender age. You will not be able to chew with this plate and please do not try to open the bottle, but over time the body gets used to it,so that everything happens purely subconsciously and does not cause any inconvenience. But it's not recommended to open the bottle or gnaw bones even with your real teeth.

Moreover, none of the patients still complain about the end of love. If the "bird" was born lucky, then nobody ever notices it. People rarely pay attention to what is not evident. Try to remember teeth of an officer or employee with whom you were talking five minutes ago. If he is not a vampire smile from ear to ear, it is unlikely you will be able to name at least three distinguishing features of his left upper premolar. But i'ts not first time you see this person!

So do not be afraid to wear dentures, and quickly get used to them. How? Let's start with the moment when the dentist plugs into your mouth your new dentures. What to do with him now?

The main thing - do not yell at the dentist, "What is this crap?!" or "I will never be able to wear this."

Never say "never." On the first day no one spoke to me. Thank you (except for dental and wise life experiences of veterans of removable prosthesis, which can immediately evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the new dentures). For habituation takes time, like any large and clean, long love. With these dentures you live and live long, so do not take them for granted.

Immediately you need to learn to remove and replace those dentures.

The first thing you must learn to do with a new dentures - is to learn to speak. Some say at once, and some can not utter a word for the first time. This is understandable. Earlier on his mouth was full of free space, and the tongue reclined there as it wanted. Now with theses dentures, they have not only closed all the holes of missing teeth, but also a fair amount of sky in the upper jaw or sublingual space at the bottom. Therefore it is often very difficult to say "Thank you, Doctor" even if you really want to. To quickly learn to speak clearly, you need to stay at home on the first day as long as possible and talk as much as possible. I usually recommend to patients early in the morning to book the house for a good half an hour scandal. Helps perfectly. Many get so involved that they completely forget about their new dentures, namely, it is our aim! So the first exercise is fulfilled. Proceed to the second.

If you are not quarreling with someone or yacking on the phone for three hours, it is enough to read the newspaper aloud from cover to cover, or a volume of Shakespears poems.

If you do not get pleasure from it, then at least learn how to pronounce the unpronounceable many expressions.

It is necessary to constantly rinse your mouth and do the hot tub with dentures in the mouth!!! It is not necessary to soak dentures in a glass of boiling water .

In addition, each dentures has an unusual burden not only on the gums, but also to the teeth, particularly the support, on which rest the hooks and clasps. Rinsing the teeth makes it easier to carry this burden . In general, mouth rinsing is always useful for the whole. And not once or twice a day, at least five to ten!

And now the most important, with patients than ever are confused or do not do at all - it's an amendment! Any removable prosthesis, even the most brilliant, can rub the gums. New boots and shoes rub your foot , so what about your tender gums! Each patient has their own pain threshold. Some bear it quietly, rubbing himself till the bloody gum ulcers and other resort in horror from the slightest blemish on the mucosa and shout like they would now die from the pain.

You need to go back to your denture provider for an ease.

Dear patients! If you go a couple of times for an ease and will happily wear a new denture ,your denture provider will be much nicer than if you put the thing in a drawer in a week and forget about it forever!

How to care for dentures?

Special care they require. Soak them at night is entirely optional. Previously it was thought that the night prostheses definitely needed to be put in a glass of water. For the first couple of months of its life prostheses really must reside in a humid environment. Fresh long plastic can release themselves from the monomer, especially if the mode of polymerization which is sustained was not clear enough. In air, this process can lead to the formation of whitish streaks inside. In water, this does not happen. Therefore, the first time the prosthesis should be either in the mouth or in a glass of water. In the mouth, of course, preferable.

In addition, removing dentures at night in the first month is not very useful in terms of getting used to it. During the night the mouth becomes accustomed to the prosthesis much better than during the day. Otherwise nighttime can wean the patient off was gotten used to during the day. All this does is lengthen the getting used to process. These things need to get used immediately, decisively and irrevocably. After a couple of weeks or so, when the prosthesis has bed itself in and are like family, and they can shoot at night in case of sudden need. Some complain that the day was very tiresome with the dentures and at night they just needed a break. But as a rule, this happens because of the shortcomings of the dentures, prostheticis very complex conditions, or even the presence of allergy to plastic. If you notice a burning sensation of the mucous membrane, severe dry mouth, skin rash or other unusual symptoms, consult an allergist for allergy formulation samples. Cases of allergy to pink plastic acrylic are becoming more and more common.

What can I eat and what not?

Strongly not recommended for use with any removable dentures are toffee. They adhere to the prosthesis like no ones business, cause it to dislodge and may even break it. Even a soft bun stuffed in her mouth in large quantities at long chewing turns into a sticky mass that sticks to the dentures. Nine out of ten dentures breaks on a soft bun or bread!!! So the first time, you must have all the small portions, remembering the rules of decency and nobility, use a knife and fork . Pinch off small pieces of bread. Moral standards also do not just come up with. Those who invent them, were old, wise, and toothless.

You need to start training with soft but not sticky products. Very useful are sliced pears, apples and chew them. On the one hand, they crackle and are tough enough to develop the skill of chewing prosthesis, and on the other hand - not so hard to break a prosthesis. Over time, many are getting used to dentures so that they gnaw the bones, but it is, as you know, not an example to follow.

And the last question about cleaning dentures. Wash Dentures daily, preferably after each meal, but if it is difficult, then, at least, at bedtime. What and how to clean them, not so important. Some use a tooth powder, some wash with soap, some simply washed with water. The main criterion - the purity of the denture. It must be as clean as the first day, and in what way you achieve it is not so important. Clean all the different microflora of the mouth, stomach acidity, etc. Therefore, some patients simply washing dentures trickle of water, keep them clean for many years, while others, rubbing with their washing powder three times a day, complaining that it darkens the dentures every day. I am hinting here on individual approach.

These are simple, in general, the rules of conduct for the lucky owners of removable dentures.

Thank you!

We are dealing with your request and contact you shortly.

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