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Dentures have become a fashion accessory

Dentist Beverly Hills offered the public an interesting novelty: a set of false teeth made from a cast with smiles favorite stars - from Halle Berry to Gwyneth Paltrow. Now have the dentures is not shameful. In recent months, they have become the fashion accessory of the inhabitants of Hollywood.

"Unfasten smile star" appeared in an assortment of trendy Hollywood dentists recently, but immediately became very popular among people who do not have money for the fabulous production of this Hollywood smile. Dentist suggested compatriots economical option for $3000. This amount can be called ridiculous, as compared with the prices for the services of dentists Beverly Hills that create smiles of the rich and famous, this is utter nonsense.

But for such stars as Julia Roberts, the price is negligible. Rumor has it that her smile - the most expensive in the world. However, the exact price of one can not name. Her pearly teeth on billboards, placed along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, are the envy of everyone. Any of its teeth like a dazzling midday sun Antarctica. Not surprisingly, the dentures from Roberts - the most popular among buyers. In second place in the ranking of popularity are teeth Gwyneth Paltrow.

Nicole Camarata, presenter of the Portland, Oregon, chose to smile Sarah Jessica Parker from the movie "Sex and the City", although the jaw is not considered the most prestigious. However, this smile is just for Nicole's image on the screen. In ordinary life, the TV star prefers to "wear" their natural teeth.

Mark Layhtung, a New York dentist who specializes in dental reconstruction and cosmetic treatment makes it clear that the patient's teeth are mounting for the "overhead teeth" due to hidden hooks. In this case, the existing teeth are not subjected to any deformation or irreversible impacts.

Even patients with missing teeth can make use of this innovation - with the proviso that the remaining "hemp" allow them to fix artificial implants, experts say. Dr. Layhtung believes that false teeth are less cumbersome than dentures. He warns that these teeth should not forget to clean, because under the pad can get pieces of food.

Despite the complexity of some care, experts believe the real dandies and ladies, do not lose sight of any one novelty, certainly acquire yourself a smile one of the Hollywood stars.

Based on materials from Scientific American.

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