Flexible Dentures

Modern flexible dentures can simulate not only the missing teeth, but also their surrounding mucosa.

They help to restore the integrity of the dentition.

Thanks to the softness and elasticity of materials dentures hardly felt in the mouth.

Types of flexible dentures:

  • Standard nylon dentures.
  • The most common type - Dentures Valplast (Valplast).

Advantages of Valplast flexible dentures:

  1. No allergy due to the absence of the metal and residual monomers.
  2. Completely unnoticed when clasps are used, merging with the color of the gums.
  3. Complete safety of adjacent teeth as prosthetic elastic design requires no preparation.
  4. Preservation of color and natural look all the time wearing.
  5. Moisture prosthesis material that prevents the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms exact fit and stable fixation.
  6. Acceptable price.

Disadvantages of Valplast flexible dentures

Deciding on the installation of flexible dentures, you need to be prepared for the fact that they can cause a number of inconveniences.

  1. Injury to the gums in the area of extreme teeth. The reason lies in the transmission masticatory(chewing) pressure is not on the teeth, as in the case of acrylic or partial denture and mucous membranes. Over time, the height of the gum under fitting surfaces of the dentures reduced, the dentures sags and nylon clasps begin to crash into the mucosa. Commonly known as a gum stripper!!!
  2. The deformation of the prosthesis, which leads to painful sensations during chewing accelerate atrophic processes in bone tissue beneath the dentures.
  3. The need for repeated correction of soft denture. This problem occurs only with long dentures, replacing teeth of 3 or more.
  4. Possibility of dental plaque and, as a consequence of bad breath. All the matter in a slightly rough surface of the flexi dentures, where plaque accumulates. Therefore, the flexible dentures will have to be cleaned, not only at home but also in the denture clinic, where they can completely remove the formed plaque.

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