Denture Repair in Denaby

Denture Repairs in Denaby– ConfiDenture provides you with while you wait Denture Repair service in Denaby.

We are situated close to the center of Denaby and do have plenty parking. You can do shoping in the Denaby main street while we do your Denture Repair and Denture Polish

Our Denture Repair Service is the most Affordable of its kind in Denaby. Its only £25 for simple crack.

Our Denture Repairs in Denaby including any Cracks in your Dentures - Broken Teeth-Teeth Additions - Splits in your Dentures - Complete Denture Breaks - Relining of your Dentures - Denture Polishing and Cleaning.

Our Denture Repair in Denaby can be done in 25 min if you are really in the hurry but usually takes 1hr to be more accurately made. All the pieces of brocken denture are re-assembled accurately and repaired denture will be as good as new. When they are not re-assembled properly, the denture will neither fit nor occlude properly and definately break again.

With every Denture Repair we give you Free Denture Cleaning and Disinfection which makes your dentures look and feel fresher. For Deep Cleaning Service please ask our Dental Technician in our Denture Clinic and Laboratory for more details.

20 years worth of international dental experience including 4 years worth of supply to a pair of Dental Practices situated on Londons prestigous Harley Street is now brought to the residence of Denaby.

We are using high standard EU approved Dental Materials and all our staff are GDC registered and we strictly follow all the guidance and protocols. All our work is precise and targeted for good fit and function.

Call Us on 01709 838356 on or swing by us with your Dentures for Repair at ComfiDenture Clinic and Dental Laboratories 151 Effingham Street Denaby. South Yorkshire. S65 1BL. Contact Us Here and See Our Location

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