Working procedures

Your first appointment is free. At this appointment we analise the outcome of the treatment. Sometimes dentures limitations do not offer complete patient satisfaction and if this is the case, we ll inform you.Then we ll discuss the various options available to you and then the final decision is yours.Deposit of £100 is required on the appointment when treatment is started. This deposit is going towards the total cost of your chosen new dentures.2-3 more visits for most optimum measurements are required. Your new dentures will be done within a week but an express service is also available, where you can have your new dentures in 1-2 days.When dentures are fitted in your mouth, we ll give you 3 weeks of adaptation time for your body to get used to the new dentures.After this time we need to see you in order to check your mouth and see how dentures are balanced. We give you all support you need during the stages of adaptation and if you need to come for an ease or adjustment, you are welcome to do so at any time when we are open.For home visits procedures are the same only we treat you at the comfort of your own home.

Our Steps

1st Appointment for New Denture

  • Examination;
  • Medical history;
  • Deposit of £100;
  • First impressions.

2nd Appointment for New Denture

  • Special tray impressions;
  • Bite registration;
  • Teeth selection and their positions.

3rd Appointment for New Denture

Trying the proposed dentures design and deciding if its going for completion or needs another try before finish.

4th Appointment for New Denture

  • Fitting the dentures;
  • Settling an account.

Revision Appointment for your New Dentures fitting check

Taking place in 3 weeks after your dentures fitted in. Checking the fit and function of the dentures and correcting if it is needed.

Aftercare support of you with Your New Dentures

You are welcome to come for any adjustments and support you need from us at any time you wish. No additional charges applicable.