Comfi Dentures is a newly established Denture Clinic and Dental  Laboratory established  in Bramley in South Yorkshire.  It provides Dentures and all related Services to  Bramley in South Yorkshire. We are making Dentures Directly in  Bramley in our Dental Laboratory. All our Dental Technicians have more then 20 years of experience.

We specialise in hand crafted New Dentures  which can be completed in a week or a priority service means they can be done in a day if needed. Our Dental Technicians and Clinical Dental Technician are very experienced in this field and can deliver you Full Denture Service which includes

New Dentures in  Bramley

Full Dentures in  Bramley

Partial Dentures in  Bramley

Denture  Replacements in  Bramley

Denture Reline in  Bramley

Denture Repairs in  Bramley

Metal Dentures in  Bramley

Home Visits in  Bramley

Private Dentures  Bramley

Bio Mechalincal Dentures  Bramley

Cosmetic Dentures  Bramley

Denture Refit in  Bramley

and many more in  Bramley  area.

Our Cosmetic Dentures use exceptionally good Teeth and High impact acrylic with gum contouring and gingival tinting for an all natural look.

Our rapid Denture Repair service can be completed in as little as 30 mins and can be done While You Wait in our walk in centre. We also provide a Denture Ease facility which helps relieve Discomfort. All Dentures that are repaired are also Finished off with a Denture Clean and Polish by our Dental Technician in  Bramley.

Generally when we see Loose Dentures, in our Dental Lab in  Bramley, which are relatively new we offer the patient a Denture Reline which helps refit Dentures to the tissues which may have healed or shrunk.

Our state of the art Comfi-Denture  features a concept known as  Biofunctional Denture occlusion and means a supurb fit with exceptional stability and enhanced cosmetic appearance.


Call us now to arrange your free initial consultation on 01709 838356. ComfiDenture Clinic 151 Effingham Street; S651BL in  Bramley